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Note on the EU Drone Regulation:
Also with regard to the new EU Drone Regulation 2021, the Autel EVO Nano and Autel EVO Nano+ is a future-proof investment. Due to the low weight of less than 250 grams, the drone has almost no restrictions even without C0 classification. No EU drone licence is required for the drone and the transitional rules ensure stress-free operation even in the years to come.Only pilot registration and an EU drone licence plate are required for the Autel EVO Nano.

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Autel EVO Nano

The Autel Drones EVO Nano features powerful aerial photography capabilities packed in
a compact, foldable, palm-sized frame. Even weights only 249g, the EVO Nano's 1/2"
CMOS sensor 48MP camera paired with an ultra-stable three-axis mechanical gimbal is
capable of recording smooth cinematic 4K/30fps HDR video in challenging conditions.
The frame has been engineered to withstand up to level 5 winds. And with its 28-min
flight time, 6.2 miles (10km) transmission distance, the EVO Nano mini drone give you
the ability to fly farther and see clearer.

  • 1/2" CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • 48MP Photos
  • 4K/30fps HDR Video
  • 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal
  • 28 Mins Flight Time
  • 6.2 Miles Transmission Distance

Foldable and Compact Body - Only 249g
Just how light is Autel EVO Nano+? Weighing only 249 grams, the EVO Nano+ is almost
as light as an orange and plus its foldable and compact body design, This makes EVO
Nano+ exceptionally portable and can fits almost anywhere—from the side pocket of your
hiking pack to the palm of your hand. Additional, as under 250g which may exempt it
from certain regulations in many countries.

Powerful Camera System

  • 1/1.28″ CMOS Sensor:

Autel EVO Nano mini drone is packed a 1/2-inch(0.-inch) 48-megapixel sensor
with up to 16x digital zoom, captures impressive 48MP photos and records ultrasharp
4K/30fps video. Paired with a three-axis mechanical gimbal to prevent vibration,
the Nano drone provides everything you need to ensure your footage is smooth and stable
no matter how rough the conditions.

  • HDR Video & Photos:
    Squeeze rich detail from shadows and highlights no matter how extreme the lighting conditions using HDR mode, which rapidly snaps several photos at different exposures so they can be stitched together in post-production.

Hyperlapse and Panorama
Speed up time and movement with a single tap by creating a striking hyperlapse. You can also capture larger, more detailed shots of your surroundings with panorama (wide-angle,
180°, or spherical).
HDR - Darker Shadows. Brighter Highlights.

With HDR on, the EVO Nano will snap several photos at different exposures and
automatically stitch them together- resulting in a photo with more contrast and dynamic

SkyPortrait - Blur the background automatically for additional
cinematic effect/Portrait
Take the ultimate selfie with the press of a single button. When engaged, SkyPortrait will
raise your EVO Nano+ into the air where it will snap a photo, automatically adjusting the
lens to include everyone. You can even have the Nano+ automatically blur out the
background to focus only on you and your friends for additional cinematic effect/Portrait.
Freeze the Autel Nano drone in mid-air at any angle and have its camera follow and
continuously film a moving subject, whether it's a person or an object.
Dynamic Track 2.1: Master Subject Tracking
Recruit your Nano drone to automatically follow any person, animal, or vehicle so you can
focus on your activities while your Nano+ handles the cinematic side.
Cinematic Shots With A Single Click
Create dramatic, professional-level shots at the touch of a button with four automatic
shooting modes. Add a soundtrack and filters in the Autel Sky app to make your video
even more epic, allowing you to produce unforgettable results whether you're a veteran
pilot or completely new to the drone game.
Four Automatic Shooting Modes
MovieMaster: Quick And Easy Movies
Apply your favorite templates from the Autel Sky app for quick and easy movie-making,
allowing you to drastically reduce the tedious editing process so you can share your
creations in minutes.
Effortless Editing Quick Sharing
Snap And Share In Seconds
Done shooting? Simply place your smartphone close to the Nano to upload photos and
videos at a speedy rate of 160Mbps using the Autel Sky app.
SonarSound: Hear Everything
Record voices and ambient sounds on the ground through the smartphone, allowing you
to bring your videos to life even when your drone is miles above.
Fly Safer With 3-Way Obstacle Avoidance
Not commonly seen in drones of this size, the EVO Nano+ drone incorporates an
advanced obstacle avoidance system to keep it safe while flying. With 3-way binocular
vision sensors that enable the drone to perceive obstructions in front of it, behind it, and
below it. If anything comes into the Nano's path, it will automatically brake and hover to
avoid a collision.
10KM 2.7K/30FPS Video Transmission
Autel EVO Nano drone features Autel's most advanced Autel SkyLink image transmission
system yet, delivering an ultra-smooth, clear, and reliable image feed while flying farther.
The EVO Nano+ has a video transmission distance of up to 6.2miles (10 km), the
transmission quality of 2.7K/30FPS.
2.4/5.2G/5.8Hz Three Frequency
Reliable Signal, Smooth Flight
The EVO Nano drone supports 2.4/5.8GHz three-frequency communication and
automatically switches to the best channel with the lowest interference in real-time. This
significantly improves the aircraft's anti-interference ability in challenging environments,
increasing flight safety.
28 Minutes Flight Time
More Battery. More Time. More Creativity.
The EVO Nano can fly continuously for 28 minutes, which means plenty of time to
experiment with creative angles and dream up inventive shots.
Make Every Moment Matter
Weightting only 249 g
1/2" CMOS Sensor 48MP Photo & 4K/30fps Video
28-Min Max Flight Time
10km 2.7K Video Transmission
Level 5 Wind Resistance
Four Automatic Shooting Modes


As highlighted below, compare to the Standard Package, the Premium Bundle provides two (2) additional Flight Batteries, a Battery Charging Hub, a Propeller Holder, two (2) additional Propeller Pairs, and a Shoulder Bag.

Items Standard Premium Bundle
Aircraft 1 1
Total Flight Batteries 1  3 
Flight Battery Charger 1 1
Total Propeller (Pairs) 3  5 
Propeller Holder    1 
Flight Battery Charging Hub    1 
Remote Controller 1 1
Remote Controller Charger 1 1
Spare Screws 8 8
Screwdriver 1 1
RC Cables (Lightning, Type-C, Micro USB) 1 1
Shoulder Bag    1 



  nano nano+
weight 249 g 249 g
photos 1/2" CMOS 48MP 1/1.28" CMOS 50MP
video 4K/30fps Video 4K/30fps Video
max. flight time 28 Min.  28 Min.
aperture f/2.8 f/1.9
transmission 10km 2.7K 10km 2.7K
sensors Forward + Backward + Downward Forward + Backward + Downward
SKU: 212502
Akku Capacity‍: 2.250 mAh
Manufacturer: Autel Robotics
Category: Drones
Battery type‍: LiPo 2S
Operating temperatur‍: - 10° bis 40° C
Digital zoom‍: 16×
Effective pixels‍: 48 Megapixel
Photo Format‍: JPEG +DNG
GNSS‍: Geographic positioning system
Weight‍: 249 g
Gimbal‍: 3-axis stabilization
Camera ISO Range‍: 100-3200 (Video)100-3200 (photo)
Camera Sensor‍: 1/2'' CMOS
Max. Hover Time‍: 26 min
Max. Rate of Descent‍: 4m/s (Sport)3m/s (Normal)2m/s (Stall)
Maximale Flugstrecke‍: 16,8km
Maximum flight time‍: 28 min
Max. speed‍: 10m/s (Normal)15m/s (Sport) 5m/s (Stall)
Maximum Height above sea level‍: 4000 m
Maximum charging voltage‍: 8,8V
modell‍: EVO NANO
product type‍: drone
tension‍: 7,7V
Clasp‍: Electronic shutter
Shutter speed‍: 8 ~ 1/8000s


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