Parrot Anafi Ai drone with 48 MP camera, 4G connection

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ANAFi Ai is the first 4G-connected robotic drone for professional users in industry, agriculture or security.

Possible application fields are:

  • Powerline Inspection
  • Law enforcement
  • Firefighting
  • Photogrammetry

ANAFi Ai offers a wealth of specialized applications, services, and powerful tools for a variety of professional uses.

  • Advanced artificial intelligence,
  • Autonomous flights and photogrammetry
  • Reliable 4G connectivity
  • Excellent imaging thanks to 48 MP camera.
  • unique robotic platform with SDK for developers
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Parrot Anafi AI drone

The Parrot Anafi AI features 32 minutes of flight time, obstacle detection or IPX3 protection class and is primarily aimed at professional users - such as from industry, agriculture or security.

Signal transmission between the remote control and the drone takes place either using a classic WiFi radio frequency (802.11a/b/ g/n) or alternatively a 4G signal. In WiFi mode, the range is 4 kilometers (CE) or 9 kilometers (FCC). In 4G mode, the range is unlimited. In 4G mode, the Parrot Anafi AI also offers particularly insensitive signal transmission with regard to obstacles - signal transmission beyond visual range with the Parrot Anafi AI is therefore particularly reliable.

The Parrot Anafi AI has a 3S LiPo battery with a capacity of 6,800 mAh on board.

The flight controller is the Skycontroller 4, which measures 238 x 147 x 55 millimeters (without terminal) with a weight of about 606 grams. The operating time of the remote control is about two and a half hours, which covers about four to five battery charges of the drone. The joysticks can be removed and stored inside the remote control for easier transport.

Likewise, a smartphone can be clamped into the Parrot Skycontroller 4 so that both video image and flight parameters can be displayed using the FreeFlight 7 app. The live view is displayed in FullHD resolution at 30 frames per second. The remote control also has a microHDMI port (video output) for connecting to video glasses or monitors, as well as a Quick Charge function via USB-C port. The Skycontroller 4 has an IP5X rating and is therefore sufficiently dust-protected.

4G Internet Connectivity
Sets new standards for drones at work.

48 MP Camera
Capture every Detail

ANAFI Ai’s sensor supports a high megapixel count for finely detailed aerial shots. It uses a Quad Bayer color filter array, where groups of 4 adjacent pixels come in the samecolor. Real-time HDR capture can be obtained in both photo and video modes, by addingthe signals from the four adjacent pixels. Its dynamic range is 4 times greater than conventional sensors, featuring a regular Bayermatrix. Even difficult scenes can be captured with minimal highlight blowout or loss ofdetail in shadows. The ANAFI Ai lens is specifically designed for Parrot. It integrates 6 aspherical elements andhas been optimized for low optical flare. This lens gives a 68° HFoV in Standard video mode, and a 64.6° HFoV in Standard photomode.


  • 48 MP sensor
  • 4K video at 60 fps
  • HDR10 – HDR8 modes
  • 14 EV dynamic range
  • A mechanical 3-axis gimbal
  • an electronic image stabilization
  • The recording functions from classic single shots to HDR, panorama or timelapse Recordings.
  •  iphotogrammetry functions (single grid, double grid, orbit), flight plan or waypoints
  • ActiveTrack or Cameraman (framing with visual tracking)
  • Smart RTH.

Autonomous Photogrammetry

Aerial drone imagery is changing the way professionals carry out inspections andsurveying. Photogrammetry techniques are used to process images collected by UAVs tocreate 2D and 3D models. These digital twins allow our customers to plan maintenance. 4G gives an unprecedented robustness to the drone data link. Our customers can operatetheir drone in large areas, near metallic structures, buildings, without losing theconnection. Designed for large scale mapping
Designed for large scale mapping

Key features:

  • Compatible with the PIX4D Suite
  • Photogrammetry flight modes available in FreeFlight 7 and OpenFlight
  • Single-click flight plan creation
  • 48 MP stills at 1fps: twice as fast as competitors
  • Survey-grade accuracy: 0.46cm/px GSD at 30m (100ft)
  • In-flight 4G transfer to PIX4Dcloud

Designed for inspection and mapping

By combining the artificial intelligence of our drone with that of PIX4Dinspect onlineplatform, our users will perform inspections faster and more efficiently thanever. Machine learning algorithms recognize antennas on cell towers, and extract theirdimensions, height, downtilt, azimuth and plumb.

The ANAFI Ai gimbal embeds a 6-axis hybrid (mechanical + electronic) stabilizationsystem, which compensates the flight vibrations and guarantees sharp images. ANAFI Ai’s camera has a controllable range of -90° to +90°, making it the ideal aerial toolfor inspecting the underside of a bridge deck.

One app. Any flight plan.
Launch all your surveying, inspection and photogrammetry missions all from FreeFlight7.

Photogrammetry flight modes available in FreeFlight 7.

  • Grid, double-grid and circular missions from the PIX4Dcapture flight planning app arenow integrated into the ANAFI Ai flight app.
  • Single-click flight plan creation: Automatic flight plan created with a single click on 3D land registry. Users don't need to worry about obstacles. ANAFI Ai avoids them autonomously.

Autonomous flight
ANAFI Ai’s omnidirectional sensing system, based on stereoscopic vision, is automaticallyoriented in the direction of movement.

Unique Robotic Platform
Contributes to open-source community

Air SDK provides a breakthrough technological architecture to load and run code directly on ANAFI Ai. Developers can program custom-designed flight missions with access to  all drone sensors, connectivity interfaces, and autopilot Features.

Key features:

  • Embed your code on the drone with Air SDK
  • Create mobile apps with Ground SDK
  • Customize open-source GCS with OpenFlight
  • Use state-of-the-art drone simulation tool with Sphinx
  • Develop python scripts with Olympe
  • Process video and metadata with PDrAW

Any developer can:

  • Modify the drone state-machine by creating Flight Missions
  • Change the guidance mode
  • Add onboard Linux processes (such as transferring data on the 4G link or use computer vision.

Air SDK supports C++ or Python programming language. Air SDK comes with a comprehensive installation guide and API documentation. Many sample applications illustrate all the possibilities offered by its unique Architecture.

The largest partner ecosystem for drones
extend your professional usage


SKU: 212554
Akku Capacity‍: 6.800 mAh
Manufacturer: Parrot
Category: Drones
Battery type‍: LiPo 3S
Weight‍: 898 g
Camera Sensor‍: 1/2'' CMOS
Camera resolution‍: 48 MP
Brand‍: Parrot
Maximum flight time‍: 32 min
modell‍: Anafi Ai
Product type‍:
Verbindung‍: 4G


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